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Ice Maker

Expertly produces granular ice flakes.

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Product Description

The Scotsman AF 80 self-contained flake ice maker.

  • Made from 304 stainless steel
  • Sleek electronic controls
  • Fitted with XSafe sanitation system, which destroys 99% of Viruses and bacteria
  • Ergonomic design, with disappearing storage bin
  • Produces granular ice flakes with 75% hardness
  • Produces 70kg of ice every 24 hours
  • 25kg storage bin
  • 13 amp power

Ideal for food service, medical, food manufacturing and scientific applications.

The Scotsman produces granular shape ice flakes, 75% hardness.  It is electronically controlled operation, with self-diagnostic functions with external alarm lights providing operational information for early alert and fast diagnosis of operating issues.  The external components are constructed from corrosion-resistant stainless steel crafted for optimal aesthetic appeal through superior fit and finish.  It contains an ergonomically convenient, slanted and disappearing storage bin door.  Front access for easier maintenance.  Front-in, front-out airflow allows for built-in installations.

Scotsman Flake Ice

Flaked Ice is the most natural shape. Extruded at a temperature just below zero degrees. Scotsman flaked ice suits a variety of applications including foodservice, fisheries, laboratories and industry. Flake Ice offers the best solution for maintaining refrigerated perishables where long-lasting freshness and natural appearance need to be guaranteed.

Scotsman’s flaked ice’s ability to rapidly cool items immersed in it makes it the ideal ice choice for medical, research and laboratory applications.




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