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Caron Incubators

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Caron’s Incubators come in a range of incubator types:  Refrigerated, Heated, Humidified, Stackable CO2 and Reach-in CO2.

Your Flexible & Repeatable Option For Temperature Testing

Caron’s refrigerated chambers are ideal for many long-term refrigerated applications. With a range of 5 to +70C (0C optional), tight performance tolerances, and a choice of capacities ranging from 10 to 75 cu.ft, Caron’s chambers are ideal for long-term product storage and conditioning, in fields from pharmaceutical to aviation.  All  units are easy to install, use, and maintain, with unique resource-responsible technologies.

Elevated Temperature Meets Elevated Capabilities

Caron’s heated and heat/RH chambers are ideal for many elevated storage and conditioning  applications. With a range of ambient plus 10C to 70C,  available controlled humidification, and tight performance tolerances, Caron’s chambers are ideal for long-term product, packaging, and materials testing, in fields from pharmaceutical to aviation.  All  units are easy to install, use, and maintain, and feature unique resource-responsible technologies.

Stackable Flexibility Meets Big Incubator Capacity

Caron’s stackable GelJacket COincubators efficiently accomodate even the biggest fulture vessels, while offering the convenience of hosting multiple environments in one footprint.  All Caron stackables offer unique optional H2O2 chamber sterilization, within a dry zero-cleanup 2 hour cycle.   GelJacket also feature unique thermal jel technology, combining the temperature maintenance of a water jacket with the low maintenance of a direct heat.  Caron specializes in offering valuable benefits that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Precision Incubation Now Production Scale

Caron’s reach-in CO2 incubators provide the cleanability, contamination elimination, and ease of use of a small stackable, but in a larger volume suitable for a wide range of scale-up applications.  Ideal for use in demanding fields such as cell and gene therapy, Caron’s units offer the flexibility and capacity to switch between high capacity shake flask loads and high volume multi-layer flasks, with up to 500 lb. dynamic load capacity, equipment-compatible refrigeration, and swap-out shelving systems.  All Caron reach-in’s offer optional 2-hour dry H2O2 sterilization cycle, with validatable results and no post-cycle cleanup.  Standard cleanroom-ready packages are also available, upgrading units for cGMP use with both aggressive cleaning chemicals, and in either free-standing or in-wall configurations.


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