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BugBox Ax

Stable Anaerobic Atmosphere in a Compact Space

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Product Description

A New Level of Versatility, Efficiency and Power

Baker’s anaerobic workstations are engineered specifically to help microbiologists cope with rising workloads and provide the best primary isolation rates. With quick and easy access via the Ezee Sleeve™ gloveless port system and energy-saving lighting that provides perfect illumination, with the new Bugbox Ax makes reading plates without exposing them to oxygen easy. Bugbox Ax can be used in even the smallest laboratory spaces. Its elegant design allows for 270 plate capacity (90mm plates) without taking up valuable bench space. Complementary features like the acrylic airtight chamber, palladium catalyst, and N2 purge in the interlock and the Ezee Sleeves™ all work to provide a strictly controlled, optimal anaerobic environment.


The Bugbox Ax is designed for a variety of applications including clinical microbiology, human microbe research, biofuels, dental research, environmental testing, food and beverage, and other research area where obligate anaerobes are cultured.

Compact Footprint

Width 790 mm X Depth 679 mm, allows for 270 plate capacity chamber and 30 plate capacity interlock (90mm plates)

Stable Optimal Environment

Active Temperature control from ambient + 5°C to 45°C, automated humidity control, and O2 conditions monitor (optional) for real time conditions monitoring.

Quick and Easy Access

Gloveless, cuffed sleeve, system takes less than 40 seconds for direct hand access to the chamber. Large (10.7L) interlock accepts 30 plates with a rapid purge time. Optional Single Plate Entry System and Ezee Cuff options provide flexible chamber access options.

Perfect Workstation to Make the Jump from Jars

Compared with 20 anerobic jars per week, Bugbox Ax yields a lower cost per plate, is more reliable, provides a stable atmosphere, and minimal maintenance.

Designed for Strict Anaerobic Conditions

Acrylic airtight chamber is flooded with anerobic gas mix (hydrogen in nitrogen) to displace the oxygen. Sleeves with nitrogen purge, palladium catalyst, interlock with nitrogen purge, all work together to maintain environment.


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