Preventative Maintenance

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Regularly serviced equipment provides a much higher degree of performance and reliability and non-scheduled downtime. We offer a comprehensive range of preventative maintenance packages that can be tailored to suit your specific equipment needs.

Options range from standard preventative maintenance to comprehensive cover (which includes all labour, parts and travel).

DH Lab have been servicing laboratory equipment for over 50 years and we pride ourselves on our ability to provide OEM factory trained service engineers from marketing leading manufacturers such as:

  • Don Whitley Scientific- Anaerobic Cabinets, spiral platers
  • Panasonic (Sanyo)- Incubators, Fridges/Freezers, Autoclaves
  • Astell Scientific- Autoclaves, other thermal products
  • BioMerieux (AES Blue Line)- AES Masterclaves and plate pourers
  • Elga Process Water- Water purification systems
  • Hettich Lab Technology- Centrifuges
  • T-Scan Monitoring Solutions- Wireless temperature monitoring
  • Bioquell (Microflow)- Biological safety cabinets, Laminar flow workstations and fume hoods
  • Telstar (CleanAir BV)- Biological safety cabinets, Laminar flow workstations
  • Esco- Biological safety cabinets, Laminar flow workstations
  • Clean Air- ductless Fume cupboards and fume hoods
  • Bigneat- Specialist containment systems, Caron stability cabinets
  • Lancer/Getinge- Laboratory glass washers
  • Planer- Controlled rate freezers
  • Binder – incubators, ovens and stability cabinets

We specialise in providing customised preventative maintenance solutions through consultation with our customers.  This helps us target your specific maintenance needs thereby reducing equipment downtime, increasing productivity, efficiency and maximising your equipment investment.  Get in touch with our Service Team so we can prepare a tailored quotation for you.