Installation and Commissioning

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In DH Lab we understand the importance of getting it right from the start.  Poorly planned installations of new equipment can lead to costly delays, thereby reducing the value of your investment.

We can provide a complete installation and commissioning service for all of the equipment we sell. This includes delivery to site or delivery to bench right through to equipment qualification. All tasks are carried out by staff who are fully trained in their respective professions so you can be sure that your installation is in safe hands.

Ensuring safe delivery and installation is the vital first step in introducing new equipment to your laboratory. DH Lab can help you along every step of the way and our proven track record of over 50 years’ experience is a testament to our commitment to serving our customers. 

Our services include:

  • Delivery to site/bench – Expert delivery specialists can deliver your equipment to the site or even the bench or location to where it is to be installed
  • Commissioning – Verify connection of equipment to services e.g. mains, electricity, water
  • Qualification – Installation Qualification, Operational Qualification and Performance Qualification performed by our OEM trained service professionals
  • Warranty Cover – Manufacturers warranty is fully supported by our OEM factory trained engineers. In many instances, extended warranty can be provided, offering peace of mind and a very effective method of managing equipment running costs
  • Certification – Ensure your equipment performs to your requirements and/or complies with relevant health ad safety legislation certification to regulatory standards such as EN12469:200 for Biological Safety cabinets
  • Calibration – Ensure the required accuracy of your equipment is maintained through a periodic calibration. We can provide a comprehensive range or UKAS traceable calibration services for all your equipment needs